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How to Quickly Sell Your Car in London, OntarioMeta Description: Learn how to sell your car effortlessly in London, Ontario. Get quick payment and expert tips for a hassle-free experience. Perfect for fast sellers.
How to Quickly Sell Your Car in London, OntarioDo you reside in London, Ontario, with an automobile, truck, van, or even an estate vehicle lying about? It could be that it is no longer being used, is being part of an estate, or just a vehicle with low mileage you are looking to dispose of. If you are thinking about it and unsure where to go, you are at the right spot.I am a specialist in buying cars directly from owners just like you. It does not matter if it is an old car that is occupying your garage or an old family car that is not wanted; I am here to help you sell your car as swiftly and easily as possible. And the best part? I pay immediately.Why Direct Selling is Your Best BetWhy sell directly to me instead of going through traditional channels like online listings or dealerships?The answer is clear: convenience and speed.Selling directly eliminates the stress and delays typically associated with selling through listings or third parties, dealing with multiple potential buyers, or haggling over prices. I provide fair assessments and smooth transactions so you can move on without delay or disruptions.Ideal Candidates for Direct SellingDirect selling is tailored for individuals in unique situations with their vehicles.Here are the types of people who could benefit from this service:The Space Saver: Your car is no longer in use and takes up valuable space.The Smart Seller: You have a low-mileage vehicle that is still in great condition.The Retiree: You are retiring and no longer plan to use your vehicle.The Executor: You are tasked with managing the estate of a loved one.How the Selling Process WorksWith me, the process could not be simpler. Here is how it works:Feel free to call me or text me whenever it suits your schedule.I will conduct a brief interview, asking some key questions about your vehicle to ensure I can offer you a fair and accurate offer.Once we agree on a good price, your payment will arrive quickly.If you want to sell your car yourself, my “How to Sell Your Car” kit provides a comprehensive guide that walks through each step of the selling process step-by-step.Ready to Sell Your Vehicle?Selling your car does not have to be a hassle or stressful procedure. Even though the procedure may appear difficult, with proper preparedness and methods, you will get through it swiftly and easily.Relax, knowing you will not need to experience this alone. I am ready and able to help you navigate each step of selling, starting with the initial planning stage and ending the deal. 

We love nice looking vehicles like this .

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Funeral homes , Estate planning , asset division and vehicle sales . call Rick in London Ontario 519-455-5351

It is a very tough time when someone passes away and you now have their assets to take care of . The house , the contents and the cars , truck , van , motor vehicles , trailers too . At Ricky Ratchets Rick can help . Rick will come out and assess the value of the vehicles and make a cash offer on it .

Rick is located at 140 Clarke road in London and has been there for 35 years . Rick will be fair quick and efficient .

Call 519-455-5351

You can text Rick pictures and vin of the car 519-673-2108

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Where can I sell my car or vehicle fast for quick cash in London Ontario call 519-455-5351

Text Rick 519-673-2108

Finding someone to buy my used car or truck or van or vehicle

1. Consider selling your car to a local used car dealership. I am Ricky Ratchet at 140 Clarke road in London . Please drop in for an offer or text me at 519-673-2108

2. Place an ad in your local newspaper or online classifieds.

3. Consider selling the car to a car buying service like Ricky Ratchets 519-455-5351 or text 519-673-2108 in London Ontario at 140 Clarke road .

4. List your vehicle on an online car selling website, such as Autotrader or Kijiji

5. Ask family and friends if they know anyone who might be interested in buying your vehicle.

6. Get an online quote from a car buying service, such as We Buy Any Car.

7. Consider trading in your car to a new car dealership.

8. Post an ad on your social media accounts.

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Dial 519-455-5351 and Sell your used car or truck or van now in London Ontario

Do you need to get rid of your used car as soon as possible? Selling your car has never been easier with Ricky Ratchet . Contact us today and get a quote within minutes.

140 Clarke road in London

Text 519-673-2108 with what’s for sale

  • Any Vehicle, Any Condition
  • Same Day Payment on Pickup
  • 35 Years in the Auto Industry
  • Fast, Safe, Easy

Schedule Pick Up

Accept our offer, and we’ll schedule a pick-up time that is convenient for you.

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Maybe your car is ready to go or maybe your car is better than scrap and I will pay you more .

Call Rick 519-455-5351 

Text 519-673-2108 

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Safety inspection and auto repair in Ottawa Ontario 

Go to JIm Dickinson auto Tech for best safety inspection in Ottawa Ontario .

Say Rick sent you .

Jim knows his business .

Call 613-721-6244

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Find a buyer in London Ontario for my car . Call Rick at 519-455-5351 Ricky Ratchets pays cash for cars on the spot .

140 Clarke Road in London Ontario 
Tips for selling your car without getting scammed, robbed – or worse.
If you’re hoping to turn your used car into cash, but want to avoid becoming a victim of fraud, there are ways to work around this.
You can stay safe while selling your car by using common sense and taking the right preventive measures. Here are 11 tips for a smooth transaction:
Create a dedicated email address 
Set up a new email address to use in your online or print ads. Pick a name such as “Mustang2002” or “Toyota_Corolla_2011.” This will protect your privacy and serve as a distinctive point of contact for shoppers.

Vet Callers
You will want to separate serious potential buyers from tire kickers, not to mention crooks, so try to engage shoppers in a phone conversation. You’ll get a better feel for them that way than in an extended email thread or exchange of text messages.

Listen carefully to the questions people ask. Legitimate buyers will want to know a lot about your vehicle before wasting their time coming to see it. Scammers may be quicker to set up a meeting.
Arrange to meet in public

Criminals like to operate where they’re less likely to be seen, so foil them by setting up a meeting in a store parking lot or another location with a lot of traffic, ideally during daylight hours.
If you’re particularly wary, the parking lot of a police station or city hall might not be out of the question. For obvious reasons, it’s best not to give strangers your home address and invite them to see the car where you live.
Tell others about your meeting 
Give a friend or family member a heads-up about your meeting, including the location, time and your expected time of return. And it wouldn’t hurt to give that person a call when the meeting is over.
Arrange to meet in public 
Criminals like to operate where they’re less likely to be seen, so foil them by setting up a meeting in a store parking lot or another location with a lot of traffic, ideally during daylight hours.
If you’re particularly wary, the parking lot of a police station or city hall might not be out of the question. For obvious reasons, it’s best not to give strangers your home address anjd invite them to see the car where you 
Criminals are less likely to act if someone else is there. You don’t need a trained bodyguard, though. Just having a friend come along will give you an extra margin of safety.
Tell others about meeting

Give a friend or family member a heads-up about your meeting, including the location, time and your expected time of return. And it wouldn’t hurt to give that person a call when the meeting is over.

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Don’t go alone

Criminals are less likely to act if someone else is there. You don’t need a trained bodyguard, though. Just having a friend come along will give you an extra margin of safety.

Trust your gut

It’s likely that you’ve gotten a good impression of the buyer on the phone or you wouldn’t have set up a meeting. Still, size up the person and the situation before you get out of your car and trust your instincts.

Ensure safe test drive

f you want to sell your car, you’ll probably need to let potential buyers take it for a drive. But how to keep it from being stolen? Some sources advise that you go along on the ride, but it’s really not a good idea to be in a vehicle with a car thief.

The best strategy is to make sure your insurance covers other drivers, remove valuables from the car, and set a time limit for the test. If possible, use your smartphone to take a photo of the would-be buyer’s driver’s license, or at least write down the name and address. And make sure the photo on the license matches the person at the meeting.

Arrange secure payment location

Even if you’re physically safe, you still could fall victim to a scam. For example, it’s not common practice to make payment at the first meeting. So if the buyer suggests an immediate exchange of cash for the car, that could be a red flag.

One safe way to handle the transaction is to meet a second time at your bank or the buyer’s bank. That way, you can more quickly verify whatever payment method is used.

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Get paid before signing over title

Before completing the transaction, be sure you’ve really been paid. Payment by cash or a cashier’s check will help guard against fraud, although there’s no absolute guarantee against a bad check or counterfeiting. Even banks sometimes miss these ploys. And unless the buyer is a relative or close friend, don’t agree to a payment plan.

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Clean out car

Remove all your personal property from the vehicle before turning it over to the buyer. You don’t want to lose your phone because you left it plugged into the charging port in the centre console. And you definitely don’t want to be the victim of identity theft because you forgot to remove papers containing personal information.

Be cautious, but not paranoid

Keep in mind that potential buyers are likely to be as wary of you as you are of them. Maintain a professional and non-confrontational demeanour throughout the transaction. Remember that millions of people sell their used cars without any serious problems and incidents of fraud and personal injury are relatively rare.

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Who buys used Motorhomes fast and for cash in London Ontario ? Campers , trucks , trailers , Fifth wheels . Cash quick in London Ontario .

London Ontario business man buys trucks , trailers , 5th wheels , Motorhomes , campers  all for cash. Very quick purchases . 

Call Rick at 519-455-5351 or text his cell at 519-673-2108 

Email at 

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Who buys houses and homes quick in London Ontario ??? House for sale and looking for a fast buyer ? Buyer of houses in London Ontario . Cash offers on your house for sale

I am a London business man who is looking to buy houses from London Ontario for the purposes of fixing and reselling . Of course I can’t pay top rates and do this but if you need your house sold quickly then I am interested . Call Rick at 519-455-5351 or text his cell at 519-673-2108 . I am also available to purchase cars , trucks , Motorhome , campers , lawnmower , lawn tractors too . 

I can arrange to come and view the home . Please have existing mortgage papers ready to show me and I will need your lawyer information . 






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Purchasing a used car ? In London Ontario . Tips that can help !! Or call Ricky Ratchets Auto Repair . 519-455-5351 

It’s Sunday morning and you’re scrolling through the online classifieds looking for a car. You find a private sale that sparks your interest—“for sale by owner.” What do you do next? Before looking at a car, get educated. Do your research to protect yourself. Here are some tips for buying a car privately in Ontario.
UVIP Report

Carefully Review the Used Vehicle Information Package (UVIP)

When selling a vehicle privately, the seller must provide a Used Vehicle Information Package (UVIP) to the purchaser. This package will contain:

Ontario registration history; current registered owner and vehicle ownership history

Lien information

Past odometer readings

Estimated fair market value of the vehicle

Take A Thorough Test Drive

It is important to take the vehicle on a thorough test drive—don’t just take it around the block, take it on the highway to establish if there are any issues when driving at higher speeds.

Car History ReportObtain A History Report

History reports are a great tool. They often contain vital information including:

Disclosed accident repairs

Lien information (dependent on report)

Previous registration information; if the vehicle has been registered in another jurisdiction (a province or state outside of Ontario)

Carfax and Carproof are the two history reports available to consumers and both reports are available online. Recently CTV Consumer Alert’s Pat Foran aired a story outlining the valuable information these reports provide. Click here to watch.

Inspect Vehicle

Get A Mechanical Inspection

A mechanical inspection can help to identify problems or issues that the seller hasn’t disclosed, or may not even know about. So, take the vehicle to get inspected as the results could influence your decision to buy or lead to a re-negotiation of the price.

Avoid Curbsiders

Curbsiders are illegal, unlicensed dealers who pose as private sellers and cause a serious threat to consumers – so when purchasing a vehicle privately, be certain that you turn on your Creepometer.

Remember, consumer protection laws only apply if you purchase a car from an OMVIC-Registered Dealer. If something goes wrong with your private purchase, you’re on your own with little recourse (other than to sue civilly). So, if you choose to buy privately be informed and do your research.
For more car buying tips visit www.omvic.on.



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If you have a need to sell a car , van , truck or motorhome Rick buys these . Please call Rick at 519-455-5351 or text him at 519-673-2108 on his cell phone . 

Ricky Ratchets at 140 Clarke road in London Ontario 

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Car cash fast .ca  London 

If you need to sell your car or triluck or van in London Ontario or surrounding area you can call Rick at 519-455-5351 or text 519-673-2108 .

Ricky Ratchets Auto 140 Clarke road .

London Ontario 

Rick has been buying cars in London since 1989 .

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 If you are looking to sell or liquidate you vehicle please call Rick at 519-455-5351 in London Ontario and Rick will appraise and purchase your car . 

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Or text 519-673-2108 

We pay cash 

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Death in family , in London Ontario , divorce , leaving country or province and must sell the car or sell truck or van ?

Call Rick at Ricky Ratchets Auto . Rick will evaluate your vehicle and pay cash same day . Call 519-455-5351 or text 519-673-2108 


Rick  McMullin 

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