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We buy your broken car in London Ontario!

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How to sell my car in London Ontario quickly $$$ for cash

If you are looking to sell your used car , SUV or pickup truck in London, Ontario. I can makes it easy! That’s why I posted this offer , the fast, safe and fair way to sell your car in London, Ontario. We will buy your used car and pay you cash or certified cheque on spot in London Ontario .
Hassle free, we come to you, certified cheque or cash same day. You could also choose to come to us at Ricky Ratchets Auto in London Ontario .
No need to advertise or trade in.
Avoid curbsiders and difficult buyers.
We will buy your car “AS IS”, no safety, e-test, carproof, uvip, tax required
We use our dealer plates and insurance for a quick and safe transportation
Safe, fair, reliable, convenient, friendly, professional, fast, very fast….
How do we do it? After answering a few simple questions about your car, you’ll give me your address and I will come over , I will perform a no-obligation wholesale evaluation. If you’re happy with it, simply accept the offer and we’ll take the car off your hands, and pay the money cash or certified cheque at that moment. I may have to run to the bank to get it but you will have the money very quick .

We are a car buying service. We buy any car “SAFE AND FAST”
My name is Rick McMullin and I am the owner of Ricky Ratchets Auto .
140 Clarke Road in London Ontario .
I am a registered car dealer in London and a business owner for 22 years .
I formerly worked for McMullin Automotive since 1986 .




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Car dealership London Ontario

Cars in floods can make their way to Canada . Be careful buying ..
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The damage from a major natural disaster can be harrowing – loss to life and limb combined with property damage, environmental, economic and psychological impact make picking up the pieces difficult. But long after the crisis ebbs, the damage lingers, becoming ever more pernicious and difficult to discern. Mold inside walls, unseen weakened structures… they all get covered up with fresh coats of paint. So, too, it is with the automobiles affected.

We first told you about these cars yesterday, but now professional photographer Doug Kuntz has agreed to share his incredible aerial images with Autoblog so we can pass them on to you, the reader. Going one better, Kuntz has given us more than twice as many images than what you saw on the link yesterday.

The runways full of cars seen above are the four-wheeled remnants of Hurricane Sandy – but they aren’t all headed to the scrap heap. These vehicles are but part of the over $63 billion in damage brought by the late October storm, but insurers are hoping to recover some of their own damages by auctioning some of them off, parting others out, and scrapping the rest. The runways of Calverton Executive Airport on Long Island shown above are now home to 15,000 such vehicles – a sliver of an estimated 230,000 cars and trucks damaged or written-off by Sandy.

Some of the cars shown in these images will join thousands of others that will filter their way back into the used car market in some form or another. New York law dictates that complete vehicles must have their titles stamped as “flood” to alert buyers, but it’s not uncommon for that to not happen, whether born of intent to deceive or simple neglect.

Snapper Kuntz urged Autoblog to warn you, the reader, of the danger of purchasing flood-damaged cars like these, including damaged electrical and safety systems. In Sandy’s case, he didn’t just see these vehicles from the air:
“I saw some of these cars parked on the streets of Rockaway with the bags deployed. I talked with tow truck drivers and mechanics who moved these cars, and have worked on Katrina wrecked cars. The tow truck drivers confirmed the airbag deployments, and the mechanics agreed about the problems taking time to show, and be very expensive to fix, and in some cases, not worth the cost.”

Kuntz, who referred to such vehicles as “ticking time bombs,” believes strongly that all the affected vehicles should be scrapped, and he agreed to share these images with us as long as we relayed his valuable warning. We join him in urging caution when wading into the used car market at all times, but particularly following major disasters like Sandy. It can take weeks, months or even years for flood-damaged cars to reveal themselves, so get your prospective buys properly inspected. And if there’s any doubt in your mind, well, just check out the gallery above for 15,000 good reasons why walking away is usually the smart move.

Airport Full Of Sandy-Damaged Cars

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