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How do I sell my vehicle , car , truck or van on Kijiji for the best money in London Ontario ???

How do I sell my car for the best money on Kijiji in London Ontario from Ricky Ratchets a car salesman since 1985 .


1) Clean your car inside and out . 

2) Safety and e test your car .

3) check market value 

4) advertise on Kijiji with full description and tell people in ad all of the options and reveal all of your service records information proving your great care . 

5) Meet your buyer and collect a certified chq . 

Or Call Rick At 519-455-5351  at 140 Clarke road in London Ontario . 

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Kawasaki Ninja zx11 for sale in London Ontario motorcycle

This is a really clean 1992 Kawasaki ZX11 . This bike is really clean and runs really nice . The body panels are not scraped up and it really doesn’t look like this bike has ever been dropped .
Call Rick at 519-455-5351
140 Clarke road
London Ontario
N5w 5e1




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